Friday, April 23, 2010

Rosy drops of honeysweet prettiness

From Miette

Hard candies seem like such a no-brainer, right? They're the good ol' reliable candy you can always count on, just as delicious after spending months at the bottom of your bag, just waiting for that moment when you're fingers will happen upon them... Oh hey- candy!

Nothing's better than surprise candy.

From Miette

Still, with all the virtues of all the classic hard candies, we're always on the look-out for something a little more...fabulous. You know: French.

From Miette

One day one of our favorite vendors sent us a little brochure along with our usual chocolate shipment, just a single sheet with photos of flowers & herbs & tiny drops...and the rest is candy history. We love them! They're sweetened with honey, & taste just as pretty as they look.
From Miette

We especially love their dainty size- you can enjoy them without feeling like a cow chewing its jawbreaker-cud. Feel free to use that in your next brochure, candy-makers! I'm sure it sounds better in French.

French Drops
Top to bottom: Rose, Lemon Verbena, Raspberry, Garden Mint
New flavors to come soon!
Gift Bag: $5
Bulk (at Octavia only): $20/lb

P.S. The rose drops were honored to be featured in a breathtakingly beautiful issue of Martha Stewart Weddings!

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