Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No, We're Not On Some Crazy Strawberries-Only Diet!

From Miette

I sooo wish my refrigerator was like this: full of vintage charm & strawberries! Now that spring is here, the Ferry Building shopgirls jaunt out to the Farmers' Markets a few times a week to pick up flats of strawberries for us. The bakers incorporate them into buttercreams, mousses, & more, while the shopgirls place them delicately atop spring-pink desserts...

From Miette this one! Super-moist chiffon cake is layered with soft-yet-bouncy strawberry mousse, topped with strawberries, and wrapped gently in an elegant little just-for-you wrapper.

From Miette
It doesn't get more single-serving-perfect than this petite buttermilk panna cotta, with its crown of fresh strawberries. Like something a fairy queen would served!

Strawberry Mousse Cake

Ferry Building Only (Octavia by special order)\


Contains gelatin, needs refrigeration

Panna Cotta

Ferry Building Only (Octavia by special order)

$4- bring back your jar for a $1 refund

Contains gelatin, needs refrigeration

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