Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Opposite of Peeps

From Miette

Inspired by this awesome mention in 7x7 magazine a few years ago, we put together a little easter basket, sans the usual eggs & pastels. For the serious licorice-lovin' bunny in your life, may we present minty licorice schoolchalk, honey licorice, licorice marshmallows, molasses-y licorice tubes, dark chocolate licorice lentils, french licorice drops, & let's not forget those little ammonia-bombs scattered in front. They might look innocuous & caramel-y, but they are salty & funky to beat the band.

We make custom baskets!
Licorice Basket shown above: $25

Monday, March 29, 2010

Parties fit for a Super-Glam Sugarplum

From Miette

It would be super fun to hold your next party at Miette Confiserie in Hayes Valley. I mean, it's fun to work there, so just imagine how great it would be to party there! Cupcakes & champagne! Cotton candy & champagne! Champagne bubble gummies & champagne!

From Miette

And of course, for kids' parties we would just stick to the gummies.

From Miette

Think of it as renting the darling-est candystore for the morning, or for the evening. Bring in whatever food, drink, & entertainment you dream of, & we'll provide space, tables, chairs, & a magical environment.

From Miette

Birthday parties, engagement parties, baby showers, wedding showers, chocolate-tasting parties...we'd love to have you.

Parties at Miette 449 Octavia 415.626.6221 Weekdays 9am-12pm $500 Weekdays 6:30pm-9:30pm $500 Weekends 9am-12pm $650 Weekdays 6:30pm-9:30pm $650 For details please write

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When showing up empty-handed just won't do

From Miette

Hi! Can you imagine how cute you'll look on someone's doorstep, in your spring finest, sweet box of macarons in hand? Neighbors will start shouting, "No, come over here instead! We have Bellinis & a pinata!". You'll be totally in-demand.

From Miette

We sell a lot of macarons this time of year, in part because of the onset of Passover. Our little macs are flour-free & leavening-free, so they're quite popular for Passover desserts. And year-round for those who can't have gluten!

From Miette

And really, don't they look sweet & brunchy? No matter how many waffles or biscuits or hashbrowns you've had, there's definitely room for a tiny little almond cloud.

Price: $1.75/each
Availability: Ferry Building & Octavia
Current Flavors: Chocolate, Hazelnut, Grapefruit, Lemon, Pistachio, Rose Geranium, Vanilla

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Surrender (to) the Pink

From Miette

After three years in pale ballerina-pink, our shop on Octavia is rocking a new look! We were all trepidatious about the Pink, wanting neither bubble gum nor barbie. Shopping for pink paint inevitably turns into shopping for make-up colors: yes, that would make a great blush, but would it work on a whole wall? We buckled down, abandoned all thoughts of lipgloss for a moment, & found this pretty shade. Hope you like it! would make a fantastic nail polish....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Cake Worthy of a Bonnet

From Miette

You're all dressed up in your spring finery, basket on your arm, bonnet on your head, & you need a cake. You've been eating tiny chocolate bunnies & eggs (peanut butter filled, please!) all day, but that's just not enough. Those were just snacks: it's time for dessert. May we present: The Spring Scharffen Berger! Dark chocolate cake, a double-layer of dark chocolate ganache, & hand-piped spring blossoms. Would you like it to say "Spring", or "Happy Birthday Easter Bunny", or would you like just the flowers? Just let us know!

Spring Scharffen Berger
6-inch (serves 6-8): $30
8-inch (serves 10-12): $50
-Spring flowers are only available March 30th-April 4th
-For pick up on April 4th (Easter Sunday), place your order by 7pm on March 31st.
-You can order cakes by calling the Ferry Building at 415.837.0300, or Octavia at 415.626.6221.

Easter Parade (of Cakes)

From Miette

This year's Spring Cakes are so springy, we're going to need 2 days to cover them.

Or, I took photos of the Princesses & photos of the Scharffs under completely different circumstances, and they won't look good together...

Either way, double the springtime fun!

From Miette

We'll start with the Princesses, of course. They expect no less.

We usually make our Princess cake as follows: delicate sponge cake is moistened with St. George Raspberry Eau de Vie, spread with raspberry jam, heaped with pastry cream, dolloped with whipped & lightly-sweetened Straus organic cream, and draped in elegant
green white chocolate fondant. Green, with a pink rose. Lovely.

But spring is the perfect time to indulge in sweet pastels the color of...

From Miette chicks...

From Miette

...robin's eggs....

From Miette

...or cherry blossoms. Order yours today!

Spring Princess Cakes
6-inch (serves 6-8): $35
8-inch (serves 10-12): $55
-Spring colors are only available March 30th-April 4th
-For pick up on April 4th (Easter Sunday), place your order by 7pm on March 31st.
-You can order cakes by calling the Ferry Building at 415.837.0300, or Octavia at 415.626.6221.


From Miette

Citrus season is in full effect here in San Francisco, & though our Salute to Grapefruit continues with great pageantry, Lemons are the stars of the hour.

Above, you see the cutest little lemons there ever were: buttery cookies decorated with tinted royal icing, & did I mention the cuteness?

Availability: Ferry Building & Octavia
Price: $8

From Miette

And our meringues, which change flavors seasonally (we've done Rose Geranium, & Peppermint, & Violet) are now Lemon- perfect little swirls of sunshine!

Availability: Ferry Building & Octavia
Price: $5

Not pictured, but no less exciting, are the following lemony treats now at Miette:
*Lemon Macarons!
$1.75/each, Ferry Building & Octavia
*Lemon Panna Cotta! $4, Ferry Building Only
*Lemon Rock Candy! $12/lb, Octavia Only
*Lemon Marshmallows! $2/each, Ferry Building & Octavia
*Lemon&Grapefruit Jelly Beans! Ferry Building & Octavia
*Lemon Drops! $3/bag, almost sold out, but more arriving very soon
*Lots more lemon fun I'm forgetting about right now!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't forget to thank us in your speech!

From Miette

If we weren't working on Sunday (ah, service industry!), we would definitely watch the Oscars.

Maybe I shouldn't implicate all the Miettegirls in this:
I would definitely watch the Oscars!

Pretty dresses! Pretty tuxes! Trash-talking & betting! What more could you ask for?!

Oh right....cookies. Award yourself the Most Awesome Customer Oscar, and weepily bite his buttery head off- but not until your speech gets cut-off by the "that's quite enough from you, thank you" music, of course.

Oscar Cookies
Availability: Ferry Building, SOLD OUT AT OCTAVIA!
Price: $8

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pretty-Up Your Chocolate Stash

From Miette

Come & get 'em! More Mast Brothers Bars, in all their glory. After several months using Madagascar cocoa as the base for all their bars, the Mast boys have moved on to beans from the Dominican Republic. That's right, they use beans seasonally! So tough.

We cracked open a Single Origin 81% bar, you know, for research, and it's delightful. Unlike the tangy, fruity, almost sour quality of the Madagascar chocolate, this bar reminds us most intensely of a freshly-pulled shot of espresso. Just imagine that: the incomparable combination of brightness, roastiness, subtle sweetness, and dark richness, topped off with that magical creaminess that all proper espresso should have. Where does that creaminess come from?! The ether? All we know is that it's fabulous.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars:
Salt&Pepper, Black Truffle & Sea Salt, Stumptown Coffee, & 81% Single Origin
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia
Price: $12