Sunday, January 31, 2010

The lovin' starts tomorrow.

From Miette

Yards of lovely Italian paper, snippy Japanese crafting scissors, and three movies* to keep me entertained while I cut hundreds of little hearts....

Yup, Valentine's Day is a'comin. In shops February 1st.

*Juno, Grandma's Boy, & Knocked Up. Excellent.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh, Mast Brothers...

From Miette've outdone yourselves. Again. Four new Limited Edition bars, in the world's prettiest papers.

Black Truffle & Sea Salt (shown above)~ incredibly sophisticated, earthy, funky, and a total knock-out. Get a loaf of Acme bread, a bottle of wine, a Black Truffle bar, and you've got dinner. -SOLD OUT

Maple & Pecan~ what I imagine Vermont tastes like- the maple syrup adds a complex, liquor-y sweetness that blends perfectly with the roasted pecans. We took a shopgirl-vote, and this is the first bar we opened to sample. Good choice. -SOLD OUT

Stumptown Coffee~ there's nothing hotter than a collaboration between Mast Brothers & Stumptown- except eating this bar at the Ace Hotel. That's the dream. Ethiopian coffee has the personality to stand up to the tangy Madagascar coffee, and the sweetness is subtle, just-right. You figure, if anyone can nail the tricky chocolate-coffee combination, it's those two forces of awesome. PDX + NYC love, right here in SFO. Now if someone could just send me a Stumptown/Mast Brothers mocha, I'll be all set. -SOLD OUT

Cranberry~ um, we haven't tried this one yet. The paper is gorgeous (purple & green), and we love cranberries, but there's only so much chocolate you can taste in one day- even for pros like us! Soon! -Still a few at Octavia!

Seasonal Mast Brothers Bars
Availability: Mostly sold-out, but we have another order pending! Price: $12
Notes: We also have Salt&Pepper, Almonds&SeaSalt, & Plain 70% Madagascar!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Everything's Better With a Brogue

From Miette

Miette has a secret genius at work for us: his name is Jeff, and he makes the prettiest cookies around. He did such a gorgeous job on our Christmas cookies that now we just say, "Jeff, can you make us some cookies, please? Whatever strikes your fancy!" This week: Thistles, national flower of Scotland, symbol of both evil & protection (!), and all-around witch-ay wonder.

This post is dedicated to my favorite Scotsmen, all shining examples of Nobility, Bravery, but probably not Austerity*- Ewan McGregor, Craig Ferguson, and Martin Millar.

Thistle Cookies
Availability: Octavia (the Ferry Building cookie will be featured next week!)
Price: $4

*The Language of Flowers is pretty addictive. You'll start looking at bouquets as little cocktail parties of floral personalities: "Who invited Lime Blossom? She is soooo inappropriate!")

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Past & Future Perfect

From Miette

Our darling Patisserie, in San Francisco's Ferry Building, is getting a little spruce. Some fresh paint, some sparkly new lights, new cupboards: nothing drastic, just a pretty pick-me-up. Speaking of which, a trip over to Shu Uemura on Fillmore would be nice....

The cakeshop will also be returning to its original hours:
Sunday - Friday 10am-6pm
Saturdays 8am-6pm

My suggestion for a lovely evening? Make your way to the Miettegirls before they close at 6, pick up some bread & cheese from the cute boys & girls at Acme Bread & Cowgirl Creamery, and then let the beautiful baristas at Blue Bottle make you a drink*. Sip your coffee as you stroll to the streetcar, and wonder how you got lucky enough to live in San Francisco.

*All these shops stay open until 7pm. And yes, the Ferry Building crew is a good-looking bunch. I don't work there so I'm allowed to say that!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fluffy & Pink, like our souls

From Miette

When your Ballerina Princess career plans are foiled, it's very important to move on & find fulfillment in fields that don't involve tiaras & people throwing flowers at you. (Note to Customers: please feel free to throw flowers.) But sometimes, just sometimes, you have to indulge your ballerina spirit. Wear tights as pants! Rock the super-tight bun! Wear a tutu to your 30th birthday party (any suggestions on where to buy an awesome tutu?)!

From Miette

Get yourself something beautiful & ballet-pink & fluffy, and breathe a sigh of relief.

From Miette

Of course, ballerinas aren't all about pink prettiness. When I studied ballet I much preferred the all-in-black, stern, Russian look. We don't have any candies like that right now.

From Miette

We do have our Rosettes, tiny rose meringues infused with Eatwell Farms Organic Rose Geranium Oil, in a new handy-dandy tube. Throw them in your dance bag & you're all set for another day at the office

Rosettes (Rose Geranium Meringues)
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia
Price: $5
Notes: Dairy-Free
(Also Pictured: Champagne Bubbles, Malt Balls, Fancy French Marshmallows)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

They come from Denmark!

From Miette

When I taught preschool, my favorite little boy would introduce himself to people by saying, "I come from Denmark!". It was true. Obviously, there must be something good going on in Denmark because he was rad.

From Miette

When we were looking for an alternative to Holland Mints (mints coated in milk chocolate in a candy shell, which often come from California, not Holland!), we came across Denmark Mints. Not only are they from Denmark, they're dark chocolate, vegan, and perfection. They also have the ultimate candy shell-to-chocolate center ratio, which doesn't happen everyday! Please buy them so I don't eat that whole jar you see in the first photo.

Denmark Mints/Dark Chocolate Mint Lentils*

Availability: Just Octavia for now, but perhaps at the Ferry Building soon!

Price: $10/lb, $3/gift bag

*That's right! They're made by the same lentil-geniuses who created our beloved Dark Chocolate Licorice Lentils!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Time for Pretty Pictures!

From Miette

Your loyal candygirls have been far too busy scrubbing, painting, organizing, recycling, and restocking! Tomorrow, Thursday January 7th 2010, is the grand & great re-opening of Miette Confiserie.

From Miette

Maybe y'all won't even notice anything has changed.. but we'll know in our hearts that the tippy-top of the way-up-high moulding that nobody will ever, ever see is sparkling clean. So satisfying.

And that's not all! Free Organic Lemon Verbena Cotton Candy on Thursday! We'll be spinning it as long as the sugar holds out. We'll be sticky but jazzed to be here!

From Miette
For the last week we've had our windows covered with pink paper, and the effect has been totally dreamy. This is the how it looked from inside the shop. So pink!