Sunday, July 26, 2009

I wish raspberries were my birthstone....

From Miette

The dainty, bejeweled raspberry tartlettes are here!
Delicate little pastry tart shells are filled with rose-geranium pastry cream, and topped with the freshest-possible raspberries from the Ferry Building Farmers' Markets!

Raspberry Tartlettes
Price: $5
Availability: Ferry Building only; available for pick-up at other locations by Special-Order
Notes: Must be refrigerated!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pride & Buttercream

From Miette
The Ferry Building shopgirls 'stached up in honor of San Francisco's LGBT Pride Celebration! Gorgeous, don't you think? You make us proud, girls!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh My Freaking Goodness.

Here at Miette, we find candy very exciting. But this is almost too much. To express our enthusiasm, we'll need italics & pom pons & a whole new form of punctuation...
From Miette exclamation point covered in sprinkles.

The Go-Max-Go bars have arrived! These are brilliant, delicious, all-natural,
veganized versions of classic candy bars. Eeeeee!

The Twilight, above, contains caramel & nougat, covered in rice-milk chocolate. This was the first bar we were able to try, and we flipped out. But there was so much fun to follow...

From Miette
Jokerz! Chock-full of nougat, caramel, & peanuts, and covered in creamy rice-milk chocolate. We love the saltiness & roastiness of the peanuts, and how perfectly they contrast with the sweet elements. One (of a million) great thing about these bars is that they are nice & sweet like you want a candy bar to be, but not too sweet! The elusive perfect point of sweetness!
From Miette
None of us expected to fall for the Buccaneer. Nougat? Meh. In candy bars it's usually spongey & eggy & mysterious. But today we understand nougat. It's gooey & sweet & simply lovely.
From Miette
And oh, the Mahalo. I've been eating two a day. And a sensible dinner! Creamy, gorgeous coconut center topped with three roasted almonds, wrapped in rice-milk chocolate. I was eating a Mahalo while I took this photo. How can you resist that pretty pretty wrapper?

In conclusion! Be very, very excited. Our expert non-vegan testers verified that these are better than the traditional versions, and they are certainly better than the way I remember the candy bars of my youth! We love love love that they're vegan, but the fact that they don't contain any artificial ingredients!!!! Artificially-flavored treats always leave you feeling like, "Um, did I eat that? I
think I tasted it, & maybe I enjoyed it...". But when you eat one of these bars, you feel like, "Yeah! I just ate a candy bar! Let's ride our bikes to the pool! Yay for fun!"

Go, Max, Go Vegan Candy Bars
Price: $3/each
Availability: Only at Octavia (for now!)

*Update 8.6.09 We are SOLD OUT of Go Max Go bars, but there are more on the way! We will let y'all know when we have more!

*Update 8.20.09 They are back in! (Um, except for the Mahalo which is already sold out!)