Monday, June 29, 2009

A Sweet, Sweet, Bride-To-Be

Last week Miette Confiserie hosted our first-ever Candy Tasting Party! It was awesome! Even though I was super-nervous & clumsy!

The party was created for a lovely bride-to-be and 6 of her delightful friends. They listened to me ramble about the history, chemistry, and all-around fun of candy for an hour: any excuse to talk about candy!
We started with sugar at it's purest with Grapefruit Cotton Candy, and explored other "sugary" candy options: Italian Fruit Fondants, French Violet Hard-candies, "Humbugs", and Fancy Lemon Marshmallows!
Now, if you caramelize that sugar, you get...caramels! A Miette staple! Salted butter caramels from France! Salted butter caramels from Oakland! Maple-honey caramels from San Francisco! Salted Carambars! The sugar is kickin in!
Then we took it down a notch for some serious licorice investigation. Even the licorice-non-enthusiasts loved the marshmallowy Griotten, but the ammonia-intense Riksen were universally NOT a hit. No argument here! Good thing there's minty Schoolchalk to cleanse the palate, and Dark-Chocolate Licorice Lentils to lead us on to....

...Chocolate! But I forgot to take a photo before I hacked the bars to bits! Just trust that they were gorgeous & chocolatey & added a little caffeine to our sugar-fest.

The ladies performed some heroic feats of candy-eating. I was seriously impressed, and I eat candy for a living! Thank you, everybody! I hope you have recovered from the sugar crash!

Candy-Tasting Party!
Availability: Octavia
Please email for details:

Friday, June 26, 2009

When in Doubt...

From Miette

...just run a picture of a pretty girl with a chocolate moustache. A blogging tip from Miette to you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cakey Clouds, Italian Strawberries

From Miette
Every summer, just in time for strawberry season, we make Lemon Cloud Cake. Like a cross between angel food cake & lemon custard, it goes perfectly with macerated strawberries & fresh whipped cream. Or, you can wear it like a bracelet & snack on it all day!

Price: $12
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut on Weekends

P.S. Those little strawberries are actually milk chocolate with creamy centers & bits of freeze-dried strawberry!
Price: 75cents
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miette Loves Dads, & Dads Love...

...Non-Pareils! If you're taking a dad to the movies this Father's Day, sneak him in a bag of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Non-Pareils. They're made here in San Francisco by E.Guittard, and are the best combination of chocolate & sprinkles we've ever found.
Price $7.50 per bag
Available: Octavia, Chestnut
Notes: Vegan
...Licorice Pipes! They just make a man look dignified. Perfect along with a first-edition book, and perhaps some elbow patches.
Price: $1.50
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut
...Poco Dolce Tiles! We love these little dark chocolate & sea salt squares for lots of reasons (their deliciousness, the awesomeness of the creator Kathy who hand-delivers our orders) but we especially love the elegant & somewhat masculine packaging.
Price: Single Tile $2, Box of 8 $18, Box of 16 $35
Availability: Octavia & Chestnut
Notes: Available flavors vary by day!
...Sardines! Dads love sardines, they just do. And if the dad in your life doesn't eat fish, don't worry! These silvery babies are milk & dark chocolate, and the dark sardines are vegan!
Price: $1.50
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut
...Sardine Tins? Seriously, what could be better!
Price: $14 per tin
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut
Notes: Tin is milk chocolate only.

We have lots & lots more fun stuff for dad-types, including moustaches (see below)!

Who Wouldn't Make Passes at Girls with Moustaches?

From Miette
Our delivery of handmade chocolate moustaches arrived from Portland yesterday, and the shopgirls have been looking particularly lovely ever since.
From Miette
So sweet & angelic, though we might need to commission a white-chocolate moustache for her.
From Miette
Dark chocolate moustaches & vintage dresses: what more could we ask for?
From Miette
Oh, yeah.

Price: $12
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut
Notes: Milk or Dark Chocolate, Made by Dane of Pink, White, Brown

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Strawberry Season!

We love strawberry season! However, with so many great fresh flavor options available to us here in the Bay Area, we just can't stick with any one for too long. Right now we're putting strawberries on everything we can think of, but in a couple weeks we'll be moving on to raspberries! Get these strawberry sweethearts while you can.

Strawberry Pannacotta is here, with all it's silky creaminess & cute tinyness. Eat it with the smallest spoon you can find, & feel that summer bliss.

Price: $4
Availability: Ferry Building & Chestnut
Notes: Contains gelatin

Strawberry Buttercream! We're piping it on our dark chocolate cupcakes & our sunny yellow cupcakes, and layering it with chocolate cake in our Strawberry Tomboy. Though the color is a delicate ballet-shoe pink, there's lots of vibrant strawberry freshness in there!

Price: Cupcakes $3, Tomboy 6-inch $30, Tomboy 8-inch(special order only) $50
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut

Strawberry Mousse Cake! First we make a beautiful & potent strawberry syrup by simmering strawberries with lemon juice & vanilla bean. This syrup is combined with a delicate vanilla chiffon cake, and layered with lightly-sweetened chantilly cream. Amazingly moist!

Price: $5/slice
Availability: Ferry Building, Chestnut

Friday, June 5, 2009

You can eat them, but would you?

From Miette

Sweet little bombonieres bouquets, handmade in Sulmona, Italy. If you are quite dexterous & patient, you can unwrap the cellophane from each little petal to reveal candy-coated chocolate! Or you can just gaze at your little posy, & rest easy knowing you have emergency chocolate on hand.

Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut. Styles vary by shop!
Price: $3-$6.50