Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jamstresses & Jim-Jams*

From Miette

The talented jamstress Casey Havre of Loulou's Garden makes these precious little jars of jam for us, using seasonal fruit, very little sugar, and no pectin. The results are saucey & sassy, and there are soooo many amazing flavors beyond those you see here.

From Miette

The lists of ingredients are like my ultimate bedtime reading. Apricot-Sour Cherry Preserves: apricots, sour cherries, meyer lemon juice, sugar, cognac. Mmmmm. Does that come in a cocktail, too, perhaps?

From Miette

Plum Lavender Jam: Organic plums, sugar, lemon, garden lavender. Oh, to have a little garden with plum & lemon trees, & butterfly-filled lavender plants! My friend Mary once told me she hoped to someday have a little cottage, where "I would grow lavender, and wash my hair in a bowl". I've always loved that: it's so specific. I still dream of that for her, gorgeous & glamorous in her stone cottage.

Until then, there's jam.

LouLou's Garden Preserves
Price: $10/jar
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut
Notes: Flavors vary by shop & by day! But they're all great!

*A British term for pyjamas, perhaps the best ever. Any other contenders?

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Helene said...

I am coming to San Francisoco for the first time in September and you are on my list of "must stops". So excited!