Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm a Charlotte

From Miette
For a very short time each year, we make a very special, very dainty cake, the Charlotte. Look at her there, with her perfect ribbon. It takes a lot of work to look that pretty.

First, one of our lovely Ferry Building shopgirls scours the Farmers' Market for the most glorious nectarines, which our bakers puree and combine with Italian meringue & cream to create nectarine mousse. This delicate mousse is layered with fraimboise syrup-soaked cake & raspberry jam, with a floating cake layer in the center. Someday I hope to live in a floating cake layer. Mmmm.....

From Miette

But we're not done yet! The cake is encircled with house-made ladyfinger cookies, and tied up all lady-like with a satin ribbon. Our stalwart shopgirl returns to the Farmers' Market for luminous raspberries, and places them atop the Charlotte, just so.

Whew! I barely manage to pull my hair into a ponytail in the morning!

Price: $30
Availability: Ferry Building (Chestnut & Octavia by special order only)
Notes: Needs to be Refrigerated, Contains Gelatin


Unknown said...

The good Charlotte!

StandsMom said...

How can I get one of these in Denver???