Friday, May 14, 2010

Carrot Cake Just for You

From Miette

For years we made our carrot cake in a sweet little loaf pan, and called it the Picknicker. It was the perfect size for sharing, especially in the park on a blanket, ideally with a coffee from Blue Bottle down the alley. It was also a cake that former Confiserie-manager Kelly & I loved to share, with a cup of tea, on those days when 5pm arrived and yet we still hadn't eaten lunch, somehow.

Carrot cake makes an excellent lunch. Carrots! Walnuts! Coconut & currants!

From Miette

This is turning into a love letter to the Picknicker, but that's okay. It deserves a proper good-bye. After much deliberation, we decided the Carrot Cake was ready for a new form- actually, two new forms! The full-size 7-inch cake you see above, perfect for a party or a brunch. Carrot cake makes an excellent brunch.
From Miette

And now there are perky little Carrot Cake Cupcakes as well, just for you. The picnicker was too much for one person, and that says a lot coming from me. But a cupcake is just right.

Someday we'll discuss the custom of splitting a cupcake 4 ways. The mind reels.

Carrot Cake
7-inch: $24
Cupcake: $3.25
Available at Ferry Building & Octavia

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SF50 said...

RIP, Picknicker. But these new versions look absolutely gorgeous! Still perfect for picnics. That is, if we can get out of this SF fog for more than five minutes!