Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweet Chestnut

From Miette
Detail of a photo by Frankie Frankeny

We flung open the door to our bright & bird-filled shop on Chestnut almost a year ago, and will be closing that door for the last time on Saturday evening, February 27th. We've had so much fun meeting our new neighbors & customers, & visitors from around the world who were drawn to the Marina by its breathtaking views & luxurious shops. Thank you for a lovely year!

We hope to see you all again soon, or someday, at our Ferry Building Patisserie & our Hayes Valley Confiserie.

Now, if there was only a way I could peel that gorgeous wallpaper off the walls & put it up in my apartment.....This sounds like a job for Lucy & Ethel Paperhangers!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

sad to see you go! I love your wallpaper on this location. Can you tell me the brand of this wallpaper?