Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh, Mast Brothers...

From Miette've outdone yourselves. Again. Four new Limited Edition bars, in the world's prettiest papers.

Black Truffle & Sea Salt (shown above)~ incredibly sophisticated, earthy, funky, and a total knock-out. Get a loaf of Acme bread, a bottle of wine, a Black Truffle bar, and you've got dinner. -SOLD OUT

Maple & Pecan~ what I imagine Vermont tastes like- the maple syrup adds a complex, liquor-y sweetness that blends perfectly with the roasted pecans. We took a shopgirl-vote, and this is the first bar we opened to sample. Good choice. -SOLD OUT

Stumptown Coffee~ there's nothing hotter than a collaboration between Mast Brothers & Stumptown- except eating this bar at the Ace Hotel. That's the dream. Ethiopian coffee has the personality to stand up to the tangy Madagascar coffee, and the sweetness is subtle, just-right. You figure, if anyone can nail the tricky chocolate-coffee combination, it's those two forces of awesome. PDX + NYC love, right here in SFO. Now if someone could just send me a Stumptown/Mast Brothers mocha, I'll be all set. -SOLD OUT

Cranberry~ um, we haven't tried this one yet. The paper is gorgeous (purple & green), and we love cranberries, but there's only so much chocolate you can taste in one day- even for pros like us! Soon! -Still a few at Octavia!

Seasonal Mast Brothers Bars
Availability: Mostly sold-out, but we have another order pending! Price: $12
Notes: We also have Salt&Pepper, Almonds&SeaSalt, & Plain 70% Madagascar!

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lulu said...

music to my ears...will pick some up pronto!!!