Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Miette Advent Calendar Day 9th: And that's when things got festive.

From Miette
Miette is drunk with pride & honor. The geniuses at St. George Spirits have created a custom spirit just for us. A whole jug of it. We are the proud possessors of an entire gallon of beautiful, potent Cherry Eau de Vie. It's amazing! This Eau de Vie was designed for our Holiday Chocolate Almond Bonbons, but if one was to drink it, an eyedropper would be appropriate. It is delicious, sparklingly clean & clear, and perfectly balanced but its alcohol content is sky-high.
From Miette
It's not like I wanted to taste it, of course. Just part of the job.

{Dear Santa,
I've been quite good this year, I think. I'm sure whatever you'd like to bring me will be lovely, but if you're looking for suggestions, St. George Single Malt Whiskey &/or Pear Aqua Perfect would be greatly appreciated. And if there's an extra bottle of their Absinthe in your bag, it would be most welcome on a foggy winter's night. Thank you.}

December 9th: Chocolate Almond Bonbons coming soon!

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