Monday, December 14, 2009

Miette Advent Calendar Day 14: Super-Festive!

From Miette

Ah, the things that photographs reveal! This was supposed to be a picture of the holiday party favorite, Papillotes! They are shiny, pretty, come in all different flavors (chocolate-orange, marzipan, pate du fruit), and have really terrible French jokes inside the wrapper. The perfect candy to break the ice at a cocktail party!

I thought you might also like to see the beautiful Italian Bombonierres: candy-coated chocolates, painstakingly wrapped to mimic flowers! They look lovely tied to the top of a package, or in a little vase on your holiday table.

But when I look at this photo, all I see is the dust on the cash register! Yesterday we were open at our new Jack London Square location for the very first time, so we had to dig out the ol' cash register from way back in our Berkeley Farmers' Market days! Dusty!

December 14th: Papillotes!
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut
Price: 75cents
Notes: The flavor is a surprise!

December 14th Bonus Candy: Bombonierres
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut (types vary by shop!)
Price: $5-$10, depending on type

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