Saturday, December 12, 2009

Miette Advent Calendar Day 12, Oakland Edition: Eye-candy counts, right?

From Miette

Guess what! We are so excited. Tomorrow, Sunday, December 13th, the Miettegirls are going to be kickin' it old-school, farmers' market-style at JLS. That's cool slang for Jack London Square.

Our new shop there in Oakland is not
quite ready: we're still working on a few essential shop components, such as....a pastry case, but we just couldn't wait any longer! Think of it as a sneak-preview, or a tiny holiday candy bazaar. We've got lots of icicles, gnomes, gelt, the cutest marzipan snowpeople you ever did see, and so many darling & delicious stocking-stuffers.

We won't be serving our cakes & cupcakes & such, but you should totally come anyway. It will be super-fun, I promise. I mean, gnomes! And we have four Christmas trees. Four! Just for you, and your wintery, sugarplum, holiday pleasure.

So, in conclusion...
Miette Sneak-Peek
Sunday December 13th
10am-2pm, during the JLS Farmers' Market
Broadway & Embarcadero, Oakland

December 12th: That gorgeous table you see above. If that table goes missing, all of us, but especially Crystal & I, are suspect.

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