Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Miette Advent Calendar Day 23: These are 3 times as cute as they look in the photo.

From Miette

Diane of Maison Bouche has outdone herself this year! She's created an entire line of wintery, woodlandy, faux-boisy wonders. Fleur de Sel Chocolate Clogs! Lavender Logs! Milk & Dark Chocolate Acorns! Caramel Praline Logs! We're sold out of most of those (d'oh!), but we have lots of gorgeous Marzipan Pinecones, because we saved those for last!

I cannot get enough marzipan, but unfortunately lots of the marzipan in the world is super-cute! & super-gross! like paste! Don't worry, we don't sell any of those. I happily go for the cute-but-good style, but Diane went all-out: subtle, creamy, sophisticated marzipan surrounded by snappy dark chocolate. Even fancier, the marzipan comes in classic almond, bergamot, and rose. You know our customers are bergamot & floral crazy. Maybe you don't know that- they totally are.

December 23rd: Maison Bouche Marzipan Pinecones
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut
Price: $14 for set of 6, in the cute box you see above
Notes: Contains nuts, of course! Handmade in Oakland!

{Wholesome Holiday Activity of the Day: Go for a lovely outdoor swim at Mission Pool. You'll feel like you're in Sweden, with the steam rising magically from the water and the moon overhead (if you go at night). $5, in the beautifully mural-ed building on 19th (not 18th!) between Valencia & Guerrero}

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