Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pretty-Up Your Chocolate Stash

From Miette

Come & get 'em! More Mast Brothers Bars, in all their glory. After several months using Madagascar cocoa as the base for all their bars, the Mast boys have moved on to beans from the Dominican Republic. That's right, they use beans seasonally! So tough.

We cracked open a Single Origin 81% bar, you know, for research, and it's delightful. Unlike the tangy, fruity, almost sour quality of the Madagascar chocolate, this bar reminds us most intensely of a freshly-pulled shot of espresso. Just imagine that: the incomparable combination of brightness, roastiness, subtle sweetness, and dark richness, topped off with that magical creaminess that all proper espresso should have. Where does that creaminess come from?! The ether? All we know is that it's fabulous.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars:
Salt&Pepper, Black Truffle & Sea Salt, Stumptown Coffee, & 81% Single Origin
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia
Price: $12

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