Friday, February 26, 2010


From Miette

Every year 7x7 Magazine compiles a carefully-curated, incredibly helpful, and only slightly ominous list: 100 Foods & Drinks to Try Before You Die. We are honored & flattered & jazzed to have our Gingersnaps make the list...for the second year!

From Miette

There are so many great recommendations on this list, you should totally check it out. Print it, laminate it, and have yourself a delicious time.....before you die, of course.

Availability: Ferry Building & Octavia
Price: $7/tub


Simply Mel said...

Only the best for SF locals - and that's Miette!

Miette said...

Thanks, Mel! You're so nice, you really should move closer!

Miette said...

Wait- how could I have confused your gorgeous blog with any other! Glad you're based in Northern California!