Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easter Parade (of Cakes)

From Miette

This year's Spring Cakes are so springy, we're going to need 2 days to cover them.

Or, I took photos of the Princesses & photos of the Scharffs under completely different circumstances, and they won't look good together...

Either way, double the springtime fun!

From Miette

We'll start with the Princesses, of course. They expect no less.

We usually make our Princess cake as follows: delicate sponge cake is moistened with St. George Raspberry Eau de Vie, spread with raspberry jam, heaped with pastry cream, dolloped with whipped & lightly-sweetened Straus organic cream, and draped in elegant
green white chocolate fondant. Green, with a pink rose. Lovely.

But spring is the perfect time to indulge in sweet pastels the color of...

From Miette chicks...

From Miette

...robin's eggs....

From Miette

...or cherry blossoms. Order yours today!

Spring Princess Cakes
6-inch (serves 6-8): $35
8-inch (serves 10-12): $55
-Spring colors are only available March 30th-April 4th
-For pick up on April 4th (Easter Sunday), place your order by 7pm on March 31st.
-You can order cakes by calling the Ferry Building at 415.837.0300, or Octavia at 415.626.6221.

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