Wednesday, March 10, 2010


From Miette

Citrus season is in full effect here in San Francisco, & though our Salute to Grapefruit continues with great pageantry, Lemons are the stars of the hour.

Above, you see the cutest little lemons there ever were: buttery cookies decorated with tinted royal icing, & did I mention the cuteness?

Availability: Ferry Building & Octavia
Price: $8

From Miette

And our meringues, which change flavors seasonally (we've done Rose Geranium, & Peppermint, & Violet) are now Lemon- perfect little swirls of sunshine!

Availability: Ferry Building & Octavia
Price: $5

Not pictured, but no less exciting, are the following lemony treats now at Miette:
*Lemon Macarons!
$1.75/each, Ferry Building & Octavia
*Lemon Panna Cotta! $4, Ferry Building Only
*Lemon Rock Candy! $12/lb, Octavia Only
*Lemon Marshmallows! $2/each, Ferry Building & Octavia
*Lemon&Grapefruit Jelly Beans! Ferry Building & Octavia
*Lemon Drops! $3/bag, almost sold out, but more arriving very soon
*Lots more lemon fun I'm forgetting about right now!


Appetite for Conversation said...

Love the lemons, I think because they remind me of my treasured lemon tree. Beautiful!

Miette said...

You have a little lemon tree? (Or maybe it's a big lemon tree!)That's one of my dreams! Maybe someday...