Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cakes loving cakes!

From Miette

Once upon a time, two cakes fell in love. The Princess loved the Scharffen Berger's dark, mysterious nature, and the Scharffen Berger was delighted by the Princess' sweetness, delicacy, and gentle blush. Um...that's all I got. I'm sure they were very happy.

But check out those cute cakes! Perfect for a Valentine's Day who-needs-romance-we've-got-friends-&-movies party, or an intimate dessert with plenty of cake left over for breakfast in the morning. Call us, order a cake, and let the cakey romance wash over you.

Scharffen Berger Heart
Dark chocolate cake enveloped in two layers of dark chocolate ganache
6-inch: $30
Mini-Heart(not pictured): $5

Princess Heart
Vanilla cake soaked in St. George Raspberry Eau de Vie, raspberry jam, pastry cream, whipped Straus cream, pink fondant, & sparkly pink sugar!
6-inch: $35

For pick-up on February 14th, please place your order by 7pm on February 11th!

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