Friday, October 23, 2009

Sweeter than a Sugar-Pie Pumpkin

From Miette

This is as close to a pumpkin patch as us city girls are going to get this year! No hay-rides or baby goats, unfortunately, but at least there's no chance of accidentally putting your whole hand through a rotten pumpkin that looked perfect from one side. Eeew. Plus, look how cute & smiley they are!

Milk Chocolate Jack-o-Lantern
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut
Price: $5

(In the background: Fruit Sours, Mellowcreme Pumpkins, & Orange Rock Candy, all available at Octavia)

From Miette

But not as cute & smiley as these baby pumpkins! Eeeee! Get yourself a whole patch-worth!

Crispy Milk Chocolate Pumpkins
Availability: Ferry Building, Chestnut, Sold out at Octavia!
Price: 10cents each, $2.50/gift bag

From Miette

Oh my gosh, that's some sugar right there, under the spooky tree. Handmade lollipops, licorice pastels, and new variations on candy corn. You don't even need to eat them to get a sugar fix. Ask us nice & we'll let you just smell them... Instant Halloween flashback, no harm to your teeth. Wait. I'm going to put myself out of business here.

Halloween Bulk Candy
Availability: Octavia
Price: $10/lb

Halloween Orange Cream Lollipops
Availability: Ferry Building, Sold out at Octavia & Chestnut

From Miette

Nothing pumpkin-related here, just our favorite malt balls in Halloween-y hues, and the Prettiest, Sparkliest, Milk Chocolate Balls Ever. We want to make them into a necklace. Fill a jar at your house & forbid anyone to eat them.

Malt Balls
Varieties: Milk, Dark, & White Chocolate
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut
Price: $10/lb, gift bags from $3-$7.50

Halloween Sparkly Balls
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia
Price: 10cents each, $2.50/gift bag

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