Monday, October 12, 2009

I hope the prizes included tiaras for all the cows.

From Miette
Oh, Straus Family Creamery! We love you so! Your beautiful bottles, your homeopathically-treated cows, your super-creamy cream & super-buttery butter. Your products are so delicious & happy & alive! As Sommer at our Ferry Building shop put it, "The difference between Straus & other butters is like the difference between me & a corpse."

We've always used Straus butter & cream in all our baked goods because we think they're the best, so we were sooooo proud of those darling cows & farmers when they recently swept the Los Angeles International Dairy Competition.* Out of 43 competitors, Straus won 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and a bronze.

From Miette
And that's why this cupcake looks so proud.

*My grandpa, uncle, and brother are all championship dairy judges. They can tell you what mood the cow was in & what direction the wind was blowing, just by smelling cream! Not so surprising, but still impressive, considering my grandpa & uncle live in rural Missouri. But my brother lives in Chicago! Nice work, city kid!


Simply Mel said...

Two of my favorite things together - Strauss and Meitte! HEAVEN!

ROSARIO said...

hello!!!, my name is Rosa, I'm from Spain, and I'm a passionate of all type of american sweets, cakes, cupcakes, etc.
I know your bakery for facebook, and i would like to learn to make things like you, visit you, and eat you sweetiessss, oh my god!! jaja, that's crazy!.

When is out you book? I would love buying it! congratulations for your lovely bakery, pictures and website.

Kisses from Spain.