Monday, June 29, 2009

A Sweet, Sweet, Bride-To-Be

Last week Miette Confiserie hosted our first-ever Candy Tasting Party! It was awesome! Even though I was super-nervous & clumsy!

The party was created for a lovely bride-to-be and 6 of her delightful friends. They listened to me ramble about the history, chemistry, and all-around fun of candy for an hour: any excuse to talk about candy!
We started with sugar at it's purest with Grapefruit Cotton Candy, and explored other "sugary" candy options: Italian Fruit Fondants, French Violet Hard-candies, "Humbugs", and Fancy Lemon Marshmallows!
Now, if you caramelize that sugar, you get...caramels! A Miette staple! Salted butter caramels from France! Salted butter caramels from Oakland! Maple-honey caramels from San Francisco! Salted Carambars! The sugar is kickin in!
Then we took it down a notch for some serious licorice investigation. Even the licorice-non-enthusiasts loved the marshmallowy Griotten, but the ammonia-intense Riksen were universally NOT a hit. No argument here! Good thing there's minty Schoolchalk to cleanse the palate, and Dark-Chocolate Licorice Lentils to lead us on to....

...Chocolate! But I forgot to take a photo before I hacked the bars to bits! Just trust that they were gorgeous & chocolatey & added a little caffeine to our sugar-fest.

The ladies performed some heroic feats of candy-eating. I was seriously impressed, and I eat candy for a living! Thank you, everybody! I hope you have recovered from the sugar crash!

Candy-Tasting Party!
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