Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Strawberry Season!

We love strawberry season! However, with so many great fresh flavor options available to us here in the Bay Area, we just can't stick with any one for too long. Right now we're putting strawberries on everything we can think of, but in a couple weeks we'll be moving on to raspberries! Get these strawberry sweethearts while you can.

Strawberry Pannacotta is here, with all it's silky creaminess & cute tinyness. Eat it with the smallest spoon you can find, & feel that summer bliss.

Price: $4
Availability: Ferry Building & Chestnut
Notes: Contains gelatin

Strawberry Buttercream! We're piping it on our dark chocolate cupcakes & our sunny yellow cupcakes, and layering it with chocolate cake in our Strawberry Tomboy. Though the color is a delicate ballet-shoe pink, there's lots of vibrant strawberry freshness in there!

Price: Cupcakes $3, Tomboy 6-inch $30, Tomboy 8-inch(special order only) $50
Availability: Ferry Building, Octavia, Chestnut

Strawberry Mousse Cake! First we make a beautiful & potent strawberry syrup by simmering strawberries with lemon juice & vanilla bean. This syrup is combined with a delicate vanilla chiffon cake, and layered with lightly-sweetened chantilly cream. Amazingly moist!

Price: $5/slice
Availability: Ferry Building, Chestnut

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