Friday, January 22, 2010

Everything's Better With a Brogue

From Miette

Miette has a secret genius at work for us: his name is Jeff, and he makes the prettiest cookies around. He did such a gorgeous job on our Christmas cookies that now we just say, "Jeff, can you make us some cookies, please? Whatever strikes your fancy!" This week: Thistles, national flower of Scotland, symbol of both evil & protection (!), and all-around witch-ay wonder.

This post is dedicated to my favorite Scotsmen, all shining examples of Nobility, Bravery, but probably not Austerity*- Ewan McGregor, Craig Ferguson, and Martin Millar.

Thistle Cookies
Availability: Octavia (the Ferry Building cookie will be featured next week!)
Price: $4

*The Language of Flowers is pretty addictive. You'll start looking at bouquets as little cocktail parties of floral personalities: "Who invited Lime Blossom? She is soooo inappropriate!")


junebug said...

Amazing cookies! Aren't thistles just lovely? And the language of flowers IS addictive.

Michelle Shopped said...

oh yes, you are right about the brogue -- are you the san fran bakery that used to have internships?

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Miette said...

Thanks, Junebug!

MichelleShopped- that's us!

Baobao- that's very poignant, but we don't need to know about deals on Nike Air Max or Uggs. Frye boots, wellingtons, &/or vegan shoes comfortable enough to work a 9-hour shift, those we might be interested in! (Not really, though, please.)