Monday, November 9, 2009

Wanna come over after school?

From Miette

Presenting, the ultimate after-school snack for adults: Ants on a Log truffle, from the moustachioed mastermind at Pink,White,Brown. When Dane told me about these I freaked out imagining how amazing they could be. And when he sent a sample, they were even better! That does not happen very often in the candy world! But Dane's a bit of a genius: milk & dark chocolate combined perfectly with peanut butter (again, very rare!), garnished with plump raisins, and elevated to genius with...celery salt! Celery salt, people! I can't get over it. And I can't stop eating them.

This truffle has come at the perfect time: after hating celery my whole life, I have become obsessed with it the last few years. I think it all began with the incredibly spring-fresh celery-infused cocktail at Nopa that I can't remember the name of, and that they hadn't made since. Maybe someday? Perhaps in exchange for some Ants on a Log?

And if anyone knows how to obtain Bitter Truth Celery Bitters without paying 11Euros +13Euros shipping (um, that comes to $35!), please let me know. Mmm, those Mole Bitters look good too...

Ants on a Log
Price: $2
Availability: Octavia Sold out!

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junebug said...

Gah! You Miettegirls are the cutest and the cutest. As if it's even possible, you make me want to eat MORE candy.