Sunday, September 27, 2009

Perhaps It Was Simply Too Hard To Spell

From Miette

We're sad to say good-bye to one of our very favorite Dutch licorices: the sweet, molassesy, sugar-coated Heksenhijl Zoete*, fondly referred to as "the tubes" by all of us non-Dutch-speakers. They have been discontinued.

Local confectioners, drop your caramels & lollipops and get started on artisan licorice! Kisses & cupcakes to the first person to replicate our beloved tubes! Of course, the price for handmade licorice will probably be a bit (a lot) higher than $12.50/lb, but we'll make it work.

*On my orders, I regularly spelled this "Hehjksnhihjl" or "Hekzjhenhyzhl", basically cramming in as many h's & j's as possible, but John our darling Licorice-seller always knew exactly what I meant.

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